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01 January 2018

My Most Productive Year In Art - 2017

I called this 'The Virtual Lava Lamp' and it's on the 'Next Animation Gallery' page. All the animations on the gallery pages were made in 2017. Looking back over 2017 I feel I overcame some technical and creative issues.
I got into 3D fractals quite seriously and had a 6 month learning curve before doing anything I was happy with. This is what I have been doing with 3D fractals.
For me at least, art means experiencing frustration as part of the 'production process' and then getting used to it. No pain, no gain, and hopefully after some frustration and a few failed attempts there is something to show for it.
For example, the shadow from the 'lava lamp' above was made from the actual animation because I was unable to make the animation throw an animated shadow. So I pasted the animation a bit to the right of the 'base' and then faded and blurred it to a shadow. Then I pasted the animation above the 'base'. The animation and it's shadow were then merged into one animation which was then merged with another animation of a railway station in Bangladesh playing in a picture frame TV.
What does it mean? I will leave that for you to answer. In 2017 I got active in a couple of graphic design forums and took on a maintainer role of a Gimp plugin called MathMap. I love using MathMap and the 'lava lamp' above was made with that plugin.

I moved away from animated GIFs and to HTML5 and there is some way to go before I'm happy with how they are published and presented. The issue with them is they 'loop' and YouTube don't host videos that loop. At least with 3D fractal renders such as Stephen Sink's work they play like a normal vid even though they took days or even weeks to render. 
Image how much electricity is used rendering one of them? Here in Australia our political UberLords lost control of the electricity system like they lost control of everything else. They think the market will 'self regulate' and the wealth will trickle down like urine when it's pissed against a wall. With people like this artists will never run short of inspiration.

If you want some inspiration put on your headphones, go full screen and watch 'Lava Fields of Dreams' by Stephen Sink. 

10 December 2017

Prague Astronomical Clock With The Droste Effect

Prague Astronomical Clock With Droste Effect

I uploaded this one to 'My Animation Gallery'. it's based on the face of the 607 year old (1410) clock. It was done with the Gimp MathMap plugin using the 'Drost Whip' effect.

15 October 2017

The Stevens Axiom Of Genetic Modification

The 'Stevens Axiom' does not apply to any non-genetic modification of species. The axiom applies to scientists and researchers implementing novel mutations on the genetic material of other species.
Because genetic engineers are produced by the same evolutionary system as the species they are modifying, it's invalid for those scientists to claim they are 'improving' other organisms without also accepting that they were not perfected by evolution themselves. Therefore, genetic engineers must also be genetically perfected before they can implement modifications to the genetic code of other species.

Phylogenetic tree of life usually has a common ancestor

Scientists must admit that evolution applies to all living organisms, including themselves. If they claim evolution failed to 'perfect' or 'improve' a species, then it follows evolution also failed to perfect the scientists and genetic engineers as well.
Therefore, genetic scientists cannot know with certainty if decisions they make on the genetic modification of other species are rational, sane and productive, unless those scientists had been genetically 'perfected' by a more advanced species. The axiom simply applies the same logic to genetic engineers as they apply to everything else. In science it's normal to apply a theory to all elements in a system. Obviously, whats happening in genetic modification is not science.

This axiom is 'self verifying' and predicts that all genetic modification implemented is biologically incompetent. To further understand the axiom consider 'the Golden Rice Project'? Here genetically imperfect 'scientists' decided that rice didn't have any vitamin A. So they modified rice to have vitamin A. That sounds good in theory, but why didn't they encourage farmers to grow vegetables high in β-Carotene?

Advocates accused gm opponents of 'killing children' claiming 8 million children died worldwide from vitamin A deficiency in 12 years.
Note, the children died from a lack of vitamin A, not a lack of golden rice. Therefore, Golden rice advocates should take responsibility for the out of control population explosions in Asia because they are making these populations bigger. They are potentially killing millions of people world wide by propping-up population explosions that are polluting and destroying the biosphere that is shared by all of us. Eventually they will be killing millions of people annually.
The biggest consumers of rice, India and China already have totally unsustainable populations. Populations that are pushing the rest of the planet to ecological breakdown. Why would a sane person let alone a 'scientist' decide we need to increase the population of China and India? Maybe only farmers in Africa will be given golden rice seeds? So why the mass exodus to Southern Europe if everything is 'golden' in Africa. Why should those who form barbaric religious cults and military dictatorships be helped to achieve optimal vitamin A levels? It does not make sense because those who developed golden rice don't make any sense. After all, they have not been genetically perfected, so will consistently and predictably make irrational decisions and generate second-rate products.

I expect the 'Stevens Axiom' will have very little impact on the delusional world view that has created the current cancer, autism, obesity and allergy epidemics. 
Most scientists are not listening to anything rational. Denial eclipses rationality, but hopefully the Stevens Axiom has defined the contradictory illusion peddled by genetic engineers.

The Stevens Axiom is copyright 2017 by Karl Stevens. It can be re-used under the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

18 September 2017

Overpopulation - How China And India Are Destroying The Rest Of Us

Here is another way of seeing what the world really looks like - population cartograms. Check it out?

Here countries are mapped by population, not area. Australia and Canada are small while India and China are massive. How massive?

Left. A look at the unsustainable populations of 2 countries. They have already begun destroying quality of life for the rest of us. I use the world 'destroying' because that's what is happening - by climate change, economic exploitation and resource extraction. Already China and India are sucking-in resources from most of the world to sustain themselves.
Being mammals, humans are biologically programmed to procreate if the conditions are right. If they develop a social system that removes most of their basic freedom in return for sustaining billions of people then they are on their way.

Our Insignificant Politicians.
Australia is already so economically and psychologically dependent on the Asian giants that Australian politicians consistently defend them against Australians. The fact is, the great 'mining boom' could not stop Australia from going deeper into debt. No amount of Asian 'investment' will save our neo-colonial, parasitic economic system. With nothing to do but legislate, Aussie politicians have developed a contradictory nanny state run by lawyers and accountants. Australia is now so far in debt that the Asian superpowers can just walk-in and the Canberra politicians will throw themselves at their feet.

Where are the environmentalists? 
As our homelands are turned into wood chip lots and salmon farms, 'enviros' and greens mount vague counter offensives without ever acknowledging the actual problem. 

Enviros groups are almost useless because the Asian giants have the power and the money. They will come back next year or next decade and remove the opposition when they want to. They use corrupt Australian officials to achieve this. Population is the biggest environmental issue on this planet bar none.

Right. India and China are way out in front. The next biggest, the US is not even a quarter the size of China. India is forecast to overtake China by 2024. Imagine if India and China were to merge?

The future. So far the Asian giants have showed almost no ecological responsibility in the relentless drive to feed every mouth. China has pushed rhinos and elephants to extinction for horn and ivory. Asian cities are heavily polluted. Reproduction appears more important than health or quality of life. Because the Earth's oceans are being fished-out, the 'Asian market' will build fish farms around Tasmania. Then they will kill the seals because seals are just competition for food.

Our politicians talk about Australia choosing between China and the US but the real choice is between China and India. Do we want an Indian Australia or a Chinese Australia? If reproduction is more important to India and China than health, then money is more important than everything else to Australian politicians. Australia is a failed economic system. Rather than admitting it, our politicians chase the only market available - unsustainable population explosions. We need to get used to it. The population reality is going to be around for longer than all of us.

New Delhi Creates Hell On Earth

26 July 2017

A Visit To An Animation Gallery

I merged 2 previously made animated GIFs onto the walls of an art gallery. The guy walking across the room was done frame by frame using an undocumented component of Gimp-Gap. The animations on the walls were made with a range of Gimp plugins and scripts including Gmic-qt, gimp-gap and were aligned with the perspective tool. The 3 animations were merged with 'Wills Script Pack' animation merge.
I called the animation on the left 'quantum tangled photons' and the one on the right is a computer simulation of 2 colliding galaxies. Made entirely with open-source Gimp.

14 July 2017

GIF Animation - 'Welcome To Gimp Chat'

When newcomers join Gimp Chat some members do a 'welcome' graphic. It's a nice tradition that goes back a few years. It kinda proves there are still cool people on this planet.

From a video by Marcus Bernert under the Creative Commons license. Made in open-source Gimp. There is a reverse image here.
Check-out 'My Animation Gallery' link on top left hand side.

I've been doing some compiling

I've done software compiling for quite a few years. Compiling is converting source code into a usable program. In the Linux world that means producing a 'package' as the end product.
Recently, I made some Gimp plugins for the current Ubuntu (16.04) that were previously unavailable. I had success with Gimp-gap (Gimp Animation Package) but it was seriously difficult. I wrote about it here.
The problem is that gimp-gap is 'multimedia' software with many different codecs and dependencies. In the Linux world we call it 'dependency hell'.

Compiling gives the brain a workout because mostly the source code fails to build first time and ends with an error message in the terminal. Your main tools are a command terminal and a text editor. You need to refer to the net to search for similar error messages and see if they are similar. RedHat Linux uses a different packaging system called 'RPM' and in some cases I look at the RPM 'spec file' to see what was done to compile the program.

I have also compiled the 'MathMap' plugin for Ubuntu. At first I was not succeeding, so I converted a RedHat RPM of Mathmap into an Ubuntu 'Deb' pack using Alien. Alien is a brilliant piece of work and I also added some extra filters using the 'repack' method. I came back to compiling Mathmap after 5 months and discovered where I had gone wrong. I now have it done on Ubuntu 17 and it works on the previous Ubuntu as well. It is available here.

It's good when it finally compiles and you have software that can be used around the world on similar systems.
Compiling also makes you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of computer operating systems. For example Ubuntu/Mint/Debian has it's own library naming system which can be frustrating. No wonder Linus Torvalds doesn't use Debian-based systems? On the plus side Ubuntu/Debian system are relatively fast with excellent security. At some point I may go back to using RedHat. I used Mandrake until it morphed into Mandriva. Teaching myself Unix was one of the best things I ever did because it future-proofed my tech skills. Check-out

Recently I gave-up on a compiling a project called 'FFMultiConverter'. Although a small program, it needed a huge number of support files when installed. It's written in Python and is not available for later versions of Ubuntu. I settled on using WinFF to do my video converting tasks. I may go back to compiling FMultiConverter when I get my head around loading Python libraries on Ubuntu.

I actually want to upload more animations but I also don't want to slow down my blog page with all the graphics so I achieved both with this post.

15 May 2017

MC Escher With Gimp MathMap

This is my re-work of MC Escher's 'Another World' drawing. I published it as an animated GIF and as a looped video clip.
The video version is here.

12 May 2017

A Room Full Of MathMap

I went back and re-worked this image after re-compiling the Gimp-GAP plugin. The first version was dropping frames and it was worth fixing. Made in Gimp with the rotating sphere produced by MathMap. I also used G'MIC and Gimp-GAP.
A high-res image here: